The Jinglemute is the only tamborine that fits onto the drummers stick and can mute at will.

Now, you can play a perfect 16th rhythm tamborine while playing the drums and yet never changing how you normally play. It's like adding a 3rd arm (no actual visual on that)!

Create sounds that were never capable in the past and do away with a tamborine click track. You don't have to take our word for it.....Check out who is using it.

It works soo GOOD, We even went as far as claiming a patent on it. 6,316,709 B1 (for those of you that will actually take the time to look it up).

The following are videos including scenes and sounds of the Jinglemute in action:

John Mayer featuring JJ Johnson

Ray Lamontagne featuring Jay Bellerose

The White Stripes featuring Meg White

The White Stripes live featuring Meg White

Alanis Morrisette featuring Gary Novak

Matt Walker

What do the pros have to say about their
out-of-this-world experience ?!!!

"So simple... Yet so utterly useful... The Jinglemute will become your favorite percussion attachement! Don't leave home without it!."
Alex Alexander (Eminem/Sheryl Crow)

"The Jingle Mute is a great device to put additional color and subdivision into your grooves."
Brendan Buckley (Shakira)

"The JingleMute is a very effective tool that can turn your drumming into more of an orchestra. I've enjoyed mine for years."
Billy Ward (Carly Simon/Joan Osborne/B.B.king)

"Pernan Percussion has a small revolution on their hands. The JingleMute has opened a whole new can of Worm's playing!"
James Wormsworth (The Tonight Show)

"When it comes to having that joyous sound of a tambourine behind the kit, no other product delivers the amount of control the jingle mute offers."
Matty Amendola (Multi-instrumentalist/Producer)

"The Jinglemute is fantastic, Especially for this setup, I have to thank you again, the jinglemute is great."
Brian Young (Fountains of Wayne)

"It's about time!"
Matt Walker (Morrissey / Smashing Pumpkins)

"Feels and plays very natural on the stick & has just the right amount of jingles to keep rhythms tight."
Van Romaine (Enrique Iglesias)

"Your product is a staple in my musical existence & has changed my approach significantly."
Jay Bellerose (Ray Lamontagne / Beck / Robert Plant)

"A must have for every stick bag."
Billy Amendola

"The jinglemute adds such a vibe and spirit to your groove. It's great for sonic texture & momentum."
Doug Yowell (Duncan Sheik / Session Drummer)

"The mute works great"
Frank Vilardi (Jewel / Rod Stewart / Celine Dion / The Bacon Brothers)

"Amazing how perfectly the jinglemute executed the needed rhythm. The accents were flawless. SOLD! Every drummer needs to try one of these. Opens many new doors, and gives you new rhythmic license."
Dony Wynn (Robert Palmer / Steve Winwood / Brooks & Dunn)

"Love the jingle-it. Great addition to the drum stick."
Louie Appel ('N' Sync / Enya / Peter Frampton / Phoebe Snow)

"Product is working out great. I'm using it on every gig I do."
Al Webster (Billy Ray Cyrus / Jeff Healey / Amanda Marshall)

"Jingle IT.. Just a little bit..."

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